Texicare, a Health Affiliate of Texas Mutual,
Launches Health Care Plans in Lubbock, Amarillo,
Midland and Odessa

Health care plans include convenient features such as four $0 visits to six provider types and free, unlimited virtual care.

AUSTIN, Texas (July 9, 2024)Texicare, the health affiliate of Texas Mutual, announced today its affordable, easy-to-use health care plans are now available to small business owners in Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland and Odessa.

Built for Texans by Texans, Texicare’s Essential Care plan includes four $0 visits annually to primary care physicians, urgent care facilities, specialists, mental health practitioners, retail clinics, and physical therapy. The plan also includes free, unlimited virtual care, $5 common prescriptions and unlimited $0 common maintenance labs.

The company’s Savings Care plan, which allows employees to make tax-free contributions into a health savings account, also ensures withdrawals for care are tax-free and allows employees to earn interest on pre-tax dollars. The triple-tax advantage available under the Savings Care plan lowers overall costs for members.

“We have been working diligently to curate plans that not only meet the unique needs of business owners across Texas but of their employees and their families,” said Meredith Duncan, CEO of Texicare. “In our plans, members will find holistic care anchored in affordability and accessibility. We are born and bred in Texas and have made it our highest priority to listen to what Texans want in their health care plans.”

With a focus on member accessibility, Texicare’s innovative health care plans are underscored by the belief that businesses are only as healthy as their employees. Texicare’s Essential Care and Savings Care options are designed specifically for small business owners, offering affordable coverage for care and a strong provider network in members’ backyards.

“Small businesses are integral to our Texas communities. Business owners deserve a health care solution purpose-built with cost and employee experience in mind,” Duncan added. “Our health care offerings are built to be used to the fullest, empowering Texans and their families to take control of their well-being.”

Employers in Lubbock, Amarillo, Midland, Odessa and their surrounding areas can contact their health care agent today to learn more about Texicare plans for their employees. The company will roll out in additional markets in the coming months.

In 2021, the Texas Legislature asked Texas Mutual to investigate options to provide health care plans to small businesses in Texas. In 2022, Texas Mutual’s board of directors approved Texicare’s creation. For more information about Texicare, visit

About Texicare

Texicare, the health affiliate of Texas Mutual, is changing the health care ecosystem by providing small businesses with innovative solutions that increase access to easy-to-use, more affordable, quality health care for employees and Texas families. Texicare’s vision is to transform the health care ecosystem for the better, helping to create a healthier and happier Texas. To learn more about Texicare, visit

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