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We created a new healthcare company specifically for small businesses in Texas. We built it because small business owners want to provide health coverage so they can do right by their employees. And employees want to protect their families.

We built it because over half of Texas small businesses couldn’t find a way to provide healthcare to the people who keep their business running.

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Coming 2024

Subject to regulatory approval

Our goal? Make quality healthcare available to Texas small businesses and their employees.

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We’re led by innovative healthcare executives with decades of leadership experience.


We’re an affiliate of Texas Mutual and based in Austin, Texas.

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Skyrocketing costs put healthcare out of reach for many small businesses. Our solution? Providing products and benefits that encourage high quality care at lower costs.

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We built our product with the business owner in mind: more administrative support, straightforward benefits and minimal confusion.
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We keep it simple for members: easy to find providers, office or virtual visits, available at your fingertips.

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We’re an affiliate of Texas Mutual, the state’s leading provider of worker’s compensation insurance, covering 75,000 Texas businesses and their 1.5 million workers.

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